How much does it cost to build an off grid tiny house in Australia?  It was a question I struggled to find a definitive answer to in my initial research phase.  There just seemed to be a real lack of detailed lists online for similar projects.  So to help others who are thinking about doing the same thing, I will be tracking and posting all my costs including the suppliers and products I use.

There is no simple answer to how much will it cost as at any given moment in time there are so many differences between councils, suppliers, government charges and products available.  So this list is really just one possible scenario based on my block near Kilcoy QLD and based on my ability to negotiate a good price or source a well-priced supplier.

This list takes into account all my costs (excluding random stuff like petrol, postage, bank fees etc!) from about November 2018 to June 2019.  It takes me up to lockup stage, so it is really only part one of the project.  I will post another updated list down the track which will include such things as solar power, plumbing, electrical, fitout, water tanks etc.  To give you an idea now however, the total for part two will likely be similar to the below list.

When reading this list keep in mind that these costs include the 6 x 6mt carport & 6 x 6mt garage which are all under the same roof as my tiny house.  If I was to just do the 6 x 6mt tiny house section of the build, I would have probably saved about $20000.  But then where would I put all my power tools and collections of nuts & bolts!!

My costs so far –

List of costs for tiny house June 2019

If you have any questions about the above costings please drop me an email via the contact page. Remember to use this only as a guide – your project could cost much more OR less!!!

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