Iittala Blue Glass Plates

Iittala Blue Glass Plates are a popular and well-received product. Here is a comprehensive review that encapsulates the general sentiment and details of these products:

Design and Aesthetics

Iittala Blue Glass Plates are celebrated for their unique and handcrafted designs. The glass is very clear, with a light blue color that comes through in a way that almost makes the glass seem like it’s glittering[1]. The Kastehelmi plate, part of the popular glass collection designed by Oiva Toikka, features delicate glass droplets arranged in a series of rings, giving the plate a unique texture and aesthetic appeal[8].

Material and Durability

The plates are made of glass and decorated with beads of glass[3]. The glaze on the plates is great and it looks like they will wear quite well over the years[2]. The edges are hand-stitched with durable kangaroo leather lacing, a process that is time-consuming but adds a personal touch to the products and gives them a 70’s feel[1].

Versatility and Functionality

Customers appreciate the versatility of these plates, which are suitable for various occasions. They are freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe, making them highly practical for everyday use[5][6].

Customer Satisfaction

Reviews indicate high levels of customer satisfaction, with many buyers noting the quality craftsmanship and the beauty of the plates. One customer mentioned that the patterns and color are beautiful and that they wash beautifully and do not chip[4]. Another customer mentioned that these plates are really beautiful[8].

Price and Value

The prices of Iittala Blue Glass Plates vary, but they are generally considered to offer good value for the quality and uniqueness they provide. For example, the iittala Taika Blue Salad Plate is priced at $45.00, which customers seem to find reasonable given the product’s attributes[6].

In conclusion, the Iittala Blue Glass Plates are highly regarded for their distinctive designs, durable materials, versatility, and overall customer satisfaction. They are often recommended as thoughtful gifts or as a stylish accessory for oneself, suitable for a range of occasions and settings.

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