Botanical Hides Clutch Purse

Botanical Hide is a brand that creates handcrafted items, primarily using leather. The brand is based on the Sunshine Coast and is run by Chloe Bland. The products are unique, featuring hand-tooling with Australian native plants and flowers, which brings a touch of the Australian bush to the items. The leather used is natural embossing leather, sourced as locally as possible. The leather is processed by a family-owned and operated tannery located south of Brisbane[1].

The brand aims to be sustainable and cruelty-free, using leather that is a by-product of the meat industry. Each piece is stained with antique-style leather dyes, which gives the products a rustic look. The edges of the products are hand-stitched with durable kangaroo leather lacing, a process that is time-consuming but adds a personal touch to the products and gives them a 70’s feel[1].

Over time, the leather hide will soften and develop its own markings, telling a story of its journey. All products are treated with a leather conditioner before leaving the studio to prolong the life of the leather. As leather is a natural material, each piece is unique and may have some imperfections[1].

The brand encourages customers to condition their leather products when necessary to prolong their life. The products are designed to be durable and to develop a unique patina over time, reflecting their use and the environments they have been in[1].


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